Coalition Strategies to Fight Childhood Obesity

  1. Work with individuals, families, clinical settings, schools, communities and government to identify, manage, and ultimately prevent childhood obesity in the community.
  2. Create interventions and models for improvement that can be replicated throughout Tennessee and the nation.
  3. Perform research to learn more about the success of obesity prevention and treatment efforts.
  4. Partner with national experts to improve the care of children who are overweight and obese.
  5. Reduce childhood obesity by promoting policy change.
  6. Build awareness and educate the public about the problem of childhood obesity.
  7. Catalyze partnerships and encourage collaboration among existing community resources.
  8. Plant seeds of information and build momentum for action without being proscriptive.
  9. Ensure strategies emphasize policy and environmental changes and not just individual and family efforts.
  10. Research and provide culturally competent educational materials.
  11. Serve as a forum for speakers.
  12. Engage in outreach and media campaign.
  13. Support the creation of programs and existing programs with similar missions.
  14. Identify funding opportunities to support ongoing efforts.
  15. Facilitate opportunities for organizations and agencies of a like mind to partner on programs and activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices.